Tiny slides in navigator pane....why?

Hello all;

New to Storyline and really loving it.  I am having a problem with the slide navigator view while in the slide editor window.  (the pane along the left side of the screen that holds any slided in a scene)

My problem is that the slides are only a couple MM across in that view.  Barely larger than the mouse pointer.

I've searched everywhere for adjustments to that pane and nothing helps.   I've tried every type of window resizing as well.

Any ideas?



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Todd MacDonald

Thanks Jon and Steve-

Just when I thought I was impressed with the product, the community knocks it over the edge!

Both of your suggestions address the issue so now I'm good.

The ctl-roll trick is great and the linking point reinforces my need to develop a mind-shift towards non-linear path through material. In other words, If I stop thiinkg in like a slide jockey, I'll be better off.

Thanks again for making it a nice move into the Articulate Community.