TIP: Completion in Storyline 3 Without Quiz Questions or Tracking By Slides Viewed

How do you track completion in a Storyline 3 (or earlier) course in the following situations? 

  • The course has separate quizzes, and the user might only need to complete some of them (due to branching).
  • The course doesn’t include quizzes. It has optional slides and/or branching, so it wouldn’t work to track completion via number of slides viewed.

The answer: Include a disguised-question slide that will always be answered correctly and a disguised-results slide to use for tracking completion. 

See how this works in the the attached Storyline 3 file. (It's not pretty, but it does include instructions.) 

BTW, this method isn't needed if you have Storyline 360. That has a Completion trigger. It now also has the option to track completion based on different quizzes. So an upgrade to 360 is certainly a more elegant solution. But this will work when you can't afford the upgrade.

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Judy Nollet

Thanks for the kind words, Ren. 

I've answered a few questions about this topic in the past. I finally decided it'd be easier to create my own post about it. Since I can quickly locate discussions I started, it'll be easy for me to copy and paste this URL whenever the same answer is needed. If it's also helpful for the staff, so much the better.