Tip: Copying/Pasting in Storyline - formatting & states follow.

I just did this and have a bit of work to clean up my error, so I want to share a tip/reminder.

I had a text box on slide 3, liked the format/text/colour/etc and have been copying and pasting it onto other slides here and there and everywhere to maintain consistency.  


On the first slide I set some states to that text box:  Red (normal), Blue (visited).  And I admit I've done this a billion times.  Copy pasted an object so that I don't have to redo the states for other similar shapes.  I forgot though, that formatting states option works with text boxes as well.  Everywhere I copied the text, the states followed. The fix is to actually go back to each of the copied text boxes and redo them from scratch or edit and remove the unnecessary states from each of them. 

Note:  I did try to format one, double click format painter and copy the formatting to the incorrect ones.  Didn't work.  Oh well, lesson learned. 

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