TIP: Using Background animations and triggered EXIT animations at same time

Apr 30, 2019

The only way to have EXIT animations that occur on your objects when an EXIT button is clicked is to pause the timeline right before all the exit animations occur, then resume with a click.   This is fine unless you have a moving background, a video playing in a loop or some objects moving on custom motion paths in a loop.  If you pause the timeline those stop moving as well.

But you can still do it.  Simply, put your moving video/objects in the base, then all your action text and information in a layer.   Then you pause the action on the layer right before your exit animations occur.  Last, set the NEXT button to resume the timeline and the JumpToNextSlide trigger to occur when one of the layer exit animations completes.

The end result is cool exit animations on click with the bacground moving the whole time.

1) Add a video to base layer
 - set it to full screen
 - set it to play automatically
 - add a trigger to play the same video again when the video completes (loops video)

(alternately, add a still picture on a square motion path, flatten the path into a line, set duration to 40 seconds, now the picture will move gently back and forth)

2) Add a layer called TEXT

3) Add a trigger to base layer that shows the layer TEXT as soon as the slide timeline starts

4) Add your text and content objects into the TEXT layer with whatever entrance and exit animations you want.

5) Make sure the objects play until the very end of the layer timeline.

6) Add a trigger in TEXT to pause the timeline shortly after the last object enters.

7) Make sure the timeline on TEXT ends 1 second after the pause.

8) Add a trigger to resume the timeline when your NEXT button is clicked

9) Add a trigger to JumpToNextSlide when the exit animation completes on the last object to exit.

Voila!   Done.   Lather, rinse, repeat.

In the attached example you see two scenes:
 1) an easy one with a moving video in the base with one layer of animated in/out text.
 2) a more complex one with a moving picture AND music in the base, with many layers above that all benefitting from the same base layer of audio.

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