tiping in "@" in text-entry questions

Hello everybody,

I recorded a screencast to describe my learners, how they can use an online-form in Storyline 2. It is necessary to type in their email-adress in this form.

After previewing the course it looks like there is no possibility to type in an "@" in the entry-field. 

Within the published course in our LMS, the following appears: When I type in the "@", the system sends the interaction and I get the incorrect-feedback, because I defined the whole adress as the right text. So is there no opportunity to type in a whole email-adress as a correct term?

Does anybody have a solution for my problem?

Thanks in anticipation,



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Johannes Strumpf

Hi Christie,

I created a dummy for the upload to the scorm cloud, I'll attach this one. It is in german language, but the Problem already appears on the 2nd slide, so I think it will be easy to identify.

If you need an english version, please let me know.

Thank you very much!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Johannes -- Thanks so much for your patience while I tested your file! As you can see when you click on this link, I encountered the same behavior when I published your course and tested on the SCORM Cloud. I did a search to see if this is an issue that has already been reported, and while I located this thread that seems to be on a similar topic, I am not certain that the suggestions offered would apply here. 

I think it would be best for our Support Engineers to weight in with their thoughts on the matter, so I'm going to go ahead and submit a ticket on your behalf. You will receive a confirmation via email shortly. :)

Christie Pollick

UPDATE from our Support Engineer, Renato, on Johannes' case for anyone who is following along with this thread:

"I can't replicate the issue because I'm using an English keyboard. I found a forum that have issues when entering "@" sign. Here is the link. Please see the resolution pointed out by Justin Grenier."

Hope that helps! :)