"Tips for new Storyline developers"?

Hi everyone!

I've been asked to compile a list of "tips" and resources for a client's eLearning developers who might be kind of new to Storyline -- from what I understand, these are mostly people who are used to using less robust tools such as Presenter, and are expanding their horizons a bit.

I am wondering if the community here could point me to any existing guides or other documents I could draw on for content? I am mostly self-taught, so my solution is usually just "Google it!"....but I think they want something a bit more detailed than that, LOL!


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Tom Kuhlmann

I'd start with ebooks and tutorials in the community. The ebooks cover a lot of good core content and it's not overly complicated. The tutorials are practical and most have downloads with practice activities.

I also recommend at least reviewing the weekly challenge recaps as they're a good way to see what people can do with the software.

If they use Articulate 360, we have the Articulate Live webinars.

Trina Rimmer

Hi John. You've come to the right spot for tips and resources on getting up to speed with Storyline! Here are my top five faves:

  1. Our free e-book, Getting Started with Articulate Storyline 
  2. Tutorials on Getting Started with Articulate Storyline 360
  3. How to Transform Boring Text into a Click-and-Reveal Interaction
  4. 5 Ideas for Turning Boring Bullet Points into Engaging Interactions
  5. Subscribe to the Articulate 360 hub for a steady feed of new articles full of tips and tricks

I'd also encourage your client's developers to join E-Learning Heroes if they haven't already. There's so much great advice and support from the community in our product discussion forums and in our Building Better Courses forum, as well as loads of free Downloads they can reverse engineer and learn from. 

I'm sure other folks will chime in with their suggestions but hope these resources will get you started!