Tips needed for timeline synch consistency

Sep 01, 2013


I am using a lot of video.  Recently I'm finding that sometimes  the timeline preview  (when you click the play button while in edit mode) does not synch correctly with the timeline.  The video playback is not in the same place as the play head as it advances on the timeline.  If I start it at the beginning of the timeline things are correct.  However, if I start mid scene, things are sometimes off by several seconds.  Sometimes things are correct.

It seems that this  inconsistent behavior was not the case earlier in the build when we had fewer slides/videos.  We've flushed out system cache  (starting and exiting Storyline with no projects loaded) and the workstation is not heavily taxed (memory or CPU cycles). 

Thanks for any tips


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Todd,

Are you only experiencing this in the preview mode (not your published output)? Can you also confirm that you're working locally? Working on a network drive or USB can cause unusual behavior. 

If you'd like us to take a look at your file and see if we can recreate it, we'd be happy to. You mentioned it's fairly large, so it's probably best to send it by submitting a Support case.  If you'd like to let me know the case number I'll follow along as well. 

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