Tips on how to introduce e-learning to my company?

Sep 17, 2013

Hey there, E-Learning Community! I'm putting together a presentation all about e-learning for our company directors... a way to introduce those in my company who may be unfamiliar with everything that's out there... and show the benefits of using this process to better educate our staff and our customers... I'd love some tips on who all's using e-learning, what tools you're using (in addition to Storyline), some benefits & opportunities, and any tips or suggestions you think I should mention during my presentation. Thanks!!

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Daniel Brigham

Benefits of elearning off the top of my head:

  • Research suggests that instructor-led training is no better or worse than elearning (of course some topics are just better-suited to ILT and vice versa) Shoot me a PM if you want the Mayer research that states this.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to instructor-led training and often learners do it on the training on their own time. Exercise: figure out how much your last instructor-led training cost to create and then compare that to an elearning course
  • It's generally more convenient for learners, and generally shorter -- no "icebreakers" or any of those other instructor-led chestnuts we'd really rather not experience. "I'd like everyone to tell about a time they faced a challenge..." Oh brother...
  • Higher degree of standardization with elearning, no wacky instructors doing their own thing.
  • Easier to reach people in many different locations
  • Easier to track people's performance (did they take the training? How did they do? What did they do well on? Poorly on?) Back end metrics basically

Those are the reasons I usually stress. Of course, elearning can be just as bad as your typical ILT. Hope that helps a bit. --Daniel

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