Tips on removing the artifact from my hover state-custom markers.

Jul 28, 2020

I am creating my own markers... with animation... but I am still experiencing some jitteriness that I don't care for. Any tips? The hover state seems super sensitive, I wish the normal state fully disappeared when you hover over the item...


The pink button is my try. I guess using an image is more successful for this????  

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Tom Kuhlmann

I'm not sure why the state is moving around without seeing how you built the object.

The trick is to duplicate the shape in the hover state and repaste it. Then set that to animated in/out.

If you're using an icon, it may have a transparent element in the plus that releases the state change which may be creating the wobble as it releases, turns and catches it again.

Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing what you did I can't say why it's working the way it is.

The animated states are going to work, however there are things that may impact it.

  • The states have misaligned objects.
  • There's transparency cause the state to release and the reconnect.
  • The pasted object may have some legacy triggers on it.
  • Entrance/exit animations need time to trigger. If one goes over them too fast, it's possible that the animations goes wonky as they don't get to complete the exit before being asked to re-enter.
Tom Kuhlmann

The plus icons (and many others) are transparent in the plus. Kind of like a cutout.

When the mouse hovers over the shape it loses the hover when it hits a transparent area because there's no shape there. That's why you may get some jitter or flashing...the mouse starts the hover, hits the transparent part, loses the hover, and then hits the shape and retriggers the hover.

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