Title Character Limit?

The attached picture may better explain my question but feel free to read my dscription below.

In SL1, under the Player menu... The Title feature allowed you to enter as many characters as you wanted... but it would display only the first 125... ending with "..." on the right roughly where items added to the "Topbar Right" ending.

Unless I'm missing something, it seems that in SL2 the title is limited to 80 characters without letting you type any more than that.

While it isn't designed for that, i used to use the title field for 2 purposes... i'd put in the title.. then as many spaces as I needed to enter our copyright text so it looked right justified... but now i can't do that anymore.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Helene, 

I do see the same behavior when looking at Storyline 2 myself, but I've reached out to our team to determine if this was by design or not. 

I am thinking it *may* have something to do with helping to ensure that the file name/path stays well under the 260 character limit imposed by Microsoft, as when you go through the publishing process it adds characters to the file path and if it exceeds 260 characters it'll cause problems with your published output. 

Maggie Tang

Hi, I'm running on SL3 and have the same question. Is the maximum character limit for the full title to display in the menu still 80 or is it 100?

Also, if we go beyond the character limit, does the feature still works where we hover the mouseover the title (that ends with '...') the full title will display? If yes, is there a maximum character limit for this?


Maggie Tang

Hi Vincent, sorry for the late response. Thanks for confirming the 80 characters limit. RE the second question, it's actually the menu item titles. When I go into player properties>menu options> deselect 'Wrap long menu item titles' and select 'Show tooltip on hover'. If the menu item title is long, I will see ... but when I hover the mouse over the menu item, I see the full title. Is there a maximum character limit to the hover tip feature? Print screen attached.