Titles don't change automatically to the new title block

Oct 30, 2020


There must be a solution to my problem but I could not find it. I imported the slides from PowerPoint and they had a different title block before. After I changed them in Articulate Storyline, the Scenes did not change automatically. I tried to reset, but that did not work either.

So, I don't want to copy slide by slide in the Scene but rather to update it automatically.

Thank you,

Dorina Grossu

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Dorina!

I'm happy to help! I've tested this on my end, and I do not see the same issue with the slide titles not updating. I'd recommend starting by duplicating the slide to see if that makes a difference when changing the Slide title. Another thing I would check is to change the layout of the slide to Title and Content.  Try changing the title text box to see if that updates the Slide title too.

I appreciate you sharing a screenshot! We'll make sure you're up and running soon!

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