To Be Graded question

I had considered it a lost cause, attempting to use essay or fill-in-the-blank questions (people's answers just very far too much on the latter), but then I took a quiz at school and noticed this option.  Whenever I had a question on the quiz that was essay or fill in the blank, the results page told me those questions were "To Be Graded".  This was on Blackboard. 

Is this a feature that Storyline can replicate, or is it native to Blackboard/LMSs?

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Matthew Graham

There is no way you could have Storyline grade an essay.  There are far to many words and variables that would make it nearly impossible to give an objective grade.

Fill in the blank is different.  You can definitely do that using variables and conditions.  Or, you can use the freeform button for that or add a slide with a fill in the blank graded question.

Matthew Graham

Ah, that makes things easier.  You can just use a short answer or essay question under the survey tab.  You can create feedback that says it won't be incorporated into your grade until afterwards.  You can simply have the answer stored in your LMS, you can have them email it to you, or you can have them print the results.