To what extent can we customize the player in Storyline 2?

Feb 24, 2016

Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to create a new player in Storyline 2, more modern than the built-in features (e.g. custom prev and next buttons, glossary, etc.).

Two questions:

- Do you know if it's possible to show the left-hand side panel (mine has the menu, transcript, logo, and search bar) only on variable? For example, when user hovers over an object, then the panel shows? 

- In the player, is it possible to reduce the height of the bar below the slide? I don't have PREV and NEXT buttons there, only the seek bar, but there is a lot of space around it that I would like to remove/reduce. 

I understand that I can build all of these in the slide, but I want the process to be as automated as possible to reduce the margin of error (in other words, I would rather have a standard player than have to customize the control buttons on every slide).

If you have examples of custom players to share, especially on navigation controls and Seek bar, that would be really awesome. Thanks a lot !


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sophie!

We have some great information on customizing the player here. You could move the 'sidebar' to the top left or right if that would better fit your need and that is a common functionality. 

Depending on the features and controls you've included on your player, it adds between 20 and 260 pixels to the width of your course and between 20 and 118 pixels to the height. 

Here's how to completely hide or remove the Articulate Storyline player.

The Articulate Storyline 2 software development kit (SDK) is a free download that currently supports custom player frames for Flash content. 

Please note that the Storyline SDK isn't a supported product. If you need help creating custom frames, we recommend posting in our dedicated SDK forum to connect with other developers.

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