(TOC) Collapsing/Expanding (automatically) Each Section on the TOC (navigation pane)

Feb 12, 2015

Good Morning,

Question: Is it possible to stabilitze the TOC so that each section consistently expands/collapses as designed?

Background: I'm struggling with managing to TOCs in my courses. For example, I have a course comprised of 6 sections. I expect each section to expand when the user starts the section and to collapse the section when they finish. When I preview the pre-published course, 3 of my sections did NOT collapse. Once the course was published and placed on my company's LMS, only 2 of my sections did NOT collapse.

I can't wait to hear what the solution could be.

Thanks everyone.



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Kim Simmons

Hi Leslie. Thank you for your input.

I apologize for not posting a better picture. I've gone through the prepublished and the LMS loaded version of this course several times. Regardless if I complete every single slide in the sections or just the majority my results are the same. Also, I do have the Auto-collapse option selected. I'm at a loss with what else I can do to resolve this quirky behavior.

Kim Simmons

Hi Leslie,

I'm reviewing the final email sent and, unfortunately, I don't know what to do with that information. This is no solution provided that could be used to prevent/solve this problem that exist in many of my other courses. Would a real-time discussion help to clarify your findings against the problem that i'm having in Storyline 1?

Kim Simmons

The course in question was created locally and I continue to work on it from my local drive. Could there be another reason behind the TOC quirk? Also, how do I fix the problem in the existing course? That information would be vital as I can transfer the knowledge and fix other courses experiencing similar issues.


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