Toggling visibility of objects on the same layer


I have a scrolling panel that I want to toggle visible/hidden with the use of button. However, the only exception is that I want the button and the scrolling panel to be on the same layer. I currently have it set up so that the button is on the base layer and it triggers the visibility of the second layer (the one where the button resides). This works but is messing up other aspects of my project. Long story short, I just need them both to be on the same layer. Does anybody have a solution to make the scrolling panel hidden when the timeline starts and to make it visible/hidden when I click on the button, while making sure both items are on the same layer? Thank you so much!

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Debbie Kan

edit: Let me rephrase that, I can make the text inside the scrolling panel hidden, but the scrolling panel itself still remains visible and I am unable to change the state of it


Thank you for your suggestion : )!
I am still quite new to Storyline and am not exactly sure how this can be done. I know how to set the initial state of an image per-say to be hidden and change the state to Normal with a button. However, I cannot figure out a way to give the scrolling panel a certain state?

Debbie Kan

Phil, thank you for your reply.

It is a bit complicated. My course is set to be restricted and the seekbar is hidden. I still want the users to be able to pause/play and have therefore added a pause layer on my slides that will pause everything on the base layer when pushed. There are currently 3 layers on my slide:

base layer: video (plays automatically when timeline starts), button for toggling visible of closed captions, and the pause button (triggers the 3rd layer)

2nd layer: closed caption in the form of a scrolling panel (it is basically just text within a scrolling panel but it is essentially the 'closed captions' for the video)

3rd layer: will pause the base layer when the pause button from the base layer is clicked

Theoretically, everything is supposed to work. However, the problem comes when I publish my course and play around with the play/pause button. For some unknown reason that I still haven't figured out, the video just DOES NOT pause/play properly when I toggle the closed captions to visible. It is VERY inconsistent, and maybe 2 out of 5 times the video just does not pause even though the triggers and everything are set up accurately. I have concluded that the closed caption (2nd layer) is messing something up and therefore wanted the captions on the same layer as the button for toggling its visibility. I wish I could just ignore this problem, but it is an issue if someone wants to look at the closed captions while the video is playing and the video will not pause. If anybody has another solution, I would love to hear any inputs! Thank you!

Debbie Kan

Thank you so much! As I am not able to post the actual slide since it's for a client, I have recreated what I had using dummy content. As I said before, the inability to pause is very inconsistent and only occurs sometimes...I don't know where the problem even resides, really. It tends to occur when I jump back to a previously viewed slide and click on Closed Captions - only then am I only longer to pause/play the video. It is a very inconsistent problem that seems to only occur hen I am crazily looking for an error. But even so, I would very much like to fix it.

Frank Suraci

I think I have solved this problem! Go into the layer where you want the scroll bar to disappear in. Go down in the timeline and select the base layer objects, then locate the Scroll Panel object. Click the eye to toggle off the Scroll Panel, you then want to check the eye to toggle on the Textbox only. That is all, you should now be able to get rid the Scroll Panel when going into a new layer.