[Too many] Animations won't play on iPad, how can I reduce them &.

I've created a simple app to teach Thai numbers. As part of the quizzes, I've created my own animation countdown timers. The problem is, though the quizzes play nicely in the web app plays, the animations just aren't showing on the iPad. My guess is this is due to the complexity, file size, or number of components needed for the animation.

I'm unaware if AS has a central library-type function.(where you can create one slide animation and then reuse that same one), so though I realise this is probably not the best approach, I'm unsure how best to rectify this.

If anyone can offer some advice, it would be much appreciated?



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Russ Crowley

Hi Ashely,

No, they're comprised of jpegs, and 'layered' on the timeline in a repetition of the one Jeanette Brooks posted on this site quite a while ago.

As there are quite a few images, it's increasing the file size of each slide. Then, if I copy the slide and change the question and repeat it 30 or 40 times, I can see where it might cause problems; and, as I mentioned, though it works fine in the web app, it doesn't in the iPad app - I enclose a small sample.

I remember using Flash a few years ago and they had a 'central library' which would keep the file size down; and, as Storyline doesn't appear to have this, I'm wondering what the best approach might be?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Russ,

I'm not exactly sure which animation you're referring two. I see a hover effect for the numbers on the initial slide, and I see an animation that you built for the timer. Very creative, by the way!

I tested this on the iPad, for Flash, through the Articulate Mobile player:


Now, the animation with the cloud and lightning plays quite well for me on the iPad. As for the hover effect, though, this is going to function differently on the iPad. If you take a look at the article that Ashley referred to earlier and check out the section labeled "Other: When mouse hovered over", you'll see there are some limitations. In HTML5, there's limited support - in Flash, the hover trigger changes to "mouse down". This means that learners won't see the same effect for showing the layer, mainly because you have an additional action when a user clicks on the numbers. 

As for a library, no - you won't see the animation stored and reused in a project similar to how Flash would do it. However, what you could do is use Slide Master layouts and pull your animations in from a single layout. That may help not only with your project size, but it may also help save some time when reusing content. 

I hope this helps! :)

Russ Crowley

Hi Christine, thanks for your reply. I should have been more specific - apologies - but the animation I was referring to was the lightning/timer animation. When I click on the button named 'Random' (to start the quiz), it doesn't load at all on my iPad (iPad 2), and that's the problem I'm having.

I did read the article that Ashley referred to, but didn't build any essential hover effects into the app. I'm familiar with Slide Masters and will look at doing that: I'm currently banging my head against the table now (in between typing individual characters), as I'm fairly skilled with ppt but it never occurred to me to animate the master, and doing so should reduce the file size and complexity enormously.

I have a feeling your advice will have helped a great deal - thank you.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Russ,


"When I click on the button named 'Random' (to start the quiz), it doesn't load at all on my iPad (iPad 2), and that's the problem I'm having."

Are you referring to the entire quiz? I'm not seeing this - that's actually the option I was using on my iPad. I'm using the iPad 2, as well. Can you tell me what IOS you have on the device?

Are you viewing through the Articulate Mobile Player as well, or Safari/HTML5?

Does the same thing happen when you view my version?

Also, no problem at all! I'm very happy to hear that using the Master will save some space in your project. I know it may not be the case now, but hopefully it will also save you some time in the future. :)

Thanks, Russ!

Russ Crowley

Hi Christine,

I'm using iOS 7.1.1 and I couldn't get passed the first slide to comment on if it was the entire quiz. I was viewing it through the Articulate player.

Nevertheless, I modified my slide masters and moved all the different quiz animations and it's all now working fine. In addition, the file size is down around 20% (77 MB before compilation, to 62 MB after) - apart from a few other tweaks, all's working great.

Thanks again.