Tooltips for Captions in Storyline 360 Player

Apr 20, 2018

Hello Heroes, 

My current SL360 course has the Caption button enabled in the player. The customer loves the CC feature; however, would like a 'tooltip' or hover text to appear when a user places their cursor over the icon. 

I can't figure out how to add a tooltip or hover text to this button in the player. Please help! 

Or any JS trigger will also help me.




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Anna Liu

Hi Apoorv,

Welcome to E-learning Heroes!

I have seen a couple of information regarding this question and below steps could serve as solution to your requirement:

1. The CC button is part of the player and it is not possible to configure states for this. What you can do is to build your own custom navigation button or CC button then add needed tooltip or hover text (via states or markers).

You may watch this video for reference. 

2. Another useful alternative was shared by Bob O'Donnell in this post wherein you can create a "Player /Navigation feature" slide with markers and tooltips that'll contain all relevant information that your users need to know. 

Hope these information helps!

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