Top margins in a Storyline video

How do I adjust or remove the top margin in a slide recording within Storyline?  I set the recording area, but there is always an empty top margin when I am editing.  Attached is a sample of the top of the slide when I am editing the recording.  There is blank space and I would like the recorded video to take over the entire slide.  

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Jeannette McGlinsky

To add to my original question, I guess what I am asking is how to shrink or remove the top margin on the slide when I'm editing a Screen Recording.  It's not a video where I can edit in video mode, but it's an actual screen recording of an oracle site and when in View Mode (step by step), and there is blank space at the top.  This happens to matter what size my recording capture is... full screen or smaller.

David Anderson

Hi Jeanette - the border appears (top or side margins) when the aspect ratio of your screen recording is different from your current slide size. 

Resizing the screen recording window (larger or smaller) won't give you the extra space as long as you're dragging from one of the corner handles to size proportionately.

If you're recording at the same aspect ratio and still seeing the extra space, let me know here in this thread or contact our support team so we can take a closer look.