Top menu bar too small that i can't even start my first project

i have an apple mac and have installed windows 8 on there but when i purchased and downloaded storyline 2 - i can't even read the top menu bar properly because it is so small so i can even start my project. i have tried altering resolution of my mac - but it still seems the same. i have noticed this has been flagged up before when i was searching - hasn't this issue been fixed yet?  There are a lot of mac users out there!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shaista, 

It sounds like you've run into an issue with the DPI setting, and you'll need to use the DPI of 96 - which can make things appear smaller. We've shared with our product development team that folks have asked for better support for high resolution monitors and you're also welcome to share your thought in the form of a feature request as well. 

Ted Leibowitz

This should not be a feature request. This is the basic functionality of the product and it is a design flaw that is unacceptable for a product that designers spend hundreds of hours in. There is NO WAY that Articulate thinks that this is still acceptable. How can this be fixed? We need a patch ASAP.

Expecting to keep customers with this level over oversight is unreasonable and unrealistic.