Total course duration as a variable


I have a learning course which is hosted on a webserver and has some basic tracking options behind it by means of a Google spreadsheet and some JavaScript triggers. Now, one of the variables I would love to track is the total course duration. Just to be sure learners do not simple click through the course, but actually read what is inside and are worth their certification :) I’ve read some discussions here about total course duration, but I can’t figure out how to set up a variable in Storyline which gives me the total course duration and which I can call with JavaScript.

If such a variable cannot be generated, I wonder if there is a possibility to call the course start and end time with JavaScript? I’m not really in to JavaScript, but I guess that would be a possible solution.

Anyone who could help me out with this one?


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Joke,

I can help you with this one. 

As far as I am aware you cannot grab the total course duration from Storyline. If you were using an LMS, this kind of stuff is tracked (see here for info), however it sounds like that doesn't apply to you.

As a starting point, you may find this demo that I put together recently for another member of the community helpful. 

Let me know if you need assistance modifying it for your purposes.

Joke Hollants

O wauw, works like a charm! Thank you very much for your more than helpful and quick answer, Matthew!

I just added the 'Start JavaScript' to the first slide, the 'End JavaScript' to the last one, and made the difference. Your code did it all, just the way I had it in mind :)