Total Newbie confused about playhead

Hello all,

Coming from a background in video and animation editing in the Adobe Suite, jumping into Articulate Storyline3 for work has been a crazy journey. I'm not sure if I'm nuts or if this is a really obvious feature that I'm missing, but every other software I've used that has elements of animation and a timeline has a playhead (the little triangle that hovers above the timeline to show you where you are) order to preview where I am at in the animated sequence in Storyline 3, you must press play. Is there a reason that I can't live-preview things? Am I doing something wrong? This seems like a very basic feature that exists everywhere but here and I am at my wits end...Please let me know if this just doesn't exist.

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Graham Cohen

Hi Paige. 

As a freelance animator and video editor I too had issues with this but unfortunately it's an issue we have to work around.  Articulate isn't the only culprit.  Adobe captivate has the same issue.  My work around is to break my timeline into groups and then turn off the visibility on those groups as I move down the timeline.  Just don't forget to turn everything back on after your done.