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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Thanks for reaching out!

As for Total number of slides per project -- Please see this thread for ideas. As for total number of layers per project, total number of slides per scene, and total number of layers per scene, aside from counting them manually, I will need to defer to the community to chime in with additional options or ideas you can try. If you were hoping to use this information in an effort to approximate the amount of production time for a course, you may want to see this thread on a similar topic

Matthew Brannan

Hi Christie,

There doesn't appear to be a solution.  I counted manually because my boss wanted to know how much content was in each scene / section.

In the project:

Slides = 107, layers = 173, slider commands = 418

There should be a quick way of displaying this information as it took awhile to collate it.




Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- When you submit a Feature Request Form, your input along with that of many others are taken into consideration for possible inclusion in an upcoming product or update. Unfortunately, you should not expect to hear back directly, but rather we recommend that you be sure to read the release notes when updates are announced to see if your suggestion was able to be implemented. 

And as for our product roadmap, we are not able to announce release dates for new products/features or updates, but you can always subscribe to the Word of Mouth Blog for updates on Articulate products and also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.  :)

Sigrid Heffner

Christine, I think Matthew brought up a very good point, we are also struggling with manual count and there should be a quicker way for this task.

Another almost necessary option would be to be able to see the total word count and the total duration of the audio time, as well as the total number or audios.

Is it possible to generate or find this meta data somewhere in Storyline?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sigrid -- At this time, I am not aware of a way to access meta data, but I will reach out to my colleagues to see if there are able to offer additional input here to assist. In the meantime, I would also suggest that you add your input using the Feature Request form provided above, as there is definitely power in numbers when requests are being considered.