Total score based on slider value

Aug 14, 2018

Hi there,

I am building an interaction where a Team Member will rate themselves using different sliders. I want to total their score, based on what they select...but the issue I am having, is that a person can slide back and forth between "YES" and "NO" an unlimited number of times, manipulating their score.

Is the best option to disable the slider after the user clicks outside of it? I'm considering an "Is this your final answer" kind of check box to disable all sliders, THEN reveal the score.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lindsay

thats always an issue when you ask a question - do you want to capture the users first thought and lock things down or do you want to allow them to think about it and change their mind. 

I would do as you say and have the ‘is this your final answer’ and if they click the checkbox just overlay the sliders with a shape with any fill colour set to 100% transparency that becomes unclickable. 

Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you wanted (to me the math seemed wrong) . I added a variable that changes when any of the sliders is moved. Based on that change I recalculate the score. You had set the Step value for your sliders to 2. This value signifies the 'step width' which on a slider from 1-3 should be 1. You could add a submit button or do as Wendy suggested to 'lock' the score.

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