total sum continues to add when user changes input to a < value

Okay... I've posted here regarding the first 3 below item below and Alexandros kindly responded with a solution.

This is what I'd like to do: 

  1. User enters 11 (or more) separate numeric values
  2. They add up automatically as they are entered
  3. Add a reset button to reset the numeric entries and the variable

Now what about when a user changes a number or numbers they entered? For example, the user enters numbers, they are added automatically, but when they make a change (i.e. change 40 to 25) - the total sum is not correct. It adds 25 to the 40. 


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Alexandros Anoyatis

I actually that to work, but there is still one other bug where the calculation goes awry.

If you drag and select one of the numeric entry boxes, and then you drag and select another one, the calculation just becomes evil.

* puts his head down in shame but is still looking into it *