Totara Content creation versus Storyline 2

Aug 02, 2017

I have a client who is considering using Totara's LMS (i.e: Moodle+) to launch SL2 modules (which is fine) but also to create some of their courses.

Does anyone know of a comparison of Totara's course content and quiz-building features with SL2? From what I've found out so far, they are not that impressive but I need to uncover the major differences.

Many thanks, Tim

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Dan Marsden

It might surprise you to hear that most users of Moodle don't use SCORM at all and they create all the content within the LMS instead of using external tools like SL2. Moodle provides a tool called the "Lesson" activity that allows you to build learning packages similar to a SCORM package (it does not usually look as fancy as content you can generate from SL)

The quiz-building tool within Moodle is a lot more powerful, flexible and provides much better reporting than anything you can get from Storyline. It is also often used for assessment in exam/controlled conditions which you cannot do securely with Storyline/SCORM packages.

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