Touch-action on iPads ios 13.x.x

The touch-action, specifically scrolling with a finger through text on Storyline3-generated HTML5, no longer works on iPads with ios 13.  I'm not sure if it works on 12, but it did work on 11. And it still works just fine on iPhone ios 13.1.3. The text box has a very thin scroll bar, and the user can touch the scroll bar to jump the text from one section to the next. It's not easy, and not really appropriate for the interface, but this is how it works now.  The way it worked on the iPad ios 11 allowed the user to touch the text to scroll up or down, just like on a normal webpage.  But now, on the iPad ios 13, scrolling cannot be initiated by touching on the text itself, only on the very thin scroll bar.    Is there a fix or workaround for this?

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Jonathan George

Hi Vincent and Lea,

It turns out that the problem is with Safari on the newer iPads.  Installing and using Chrome fixes the issue.  But if you are using Kiosk Pro to run the HDML5 code, (common in a museum installation situation) the browser engine is more similar to Safari and the problem remains. If you need to use Kiosk Pro, as it is in my situation, I found the workaround/fix...

Problem:  When viewing a text in a scroll-able pane, the text is only scroll-able by tapping on the very thin scroll bar. Safari on the new iPad and default settings for Kiosk Pro won’t allow scrolling the text by touch, which is really really annoying.

Fix:  Kiosk Pro settings -> scroll to the bottom and tap on Advanced Settings -> Browser Engine -> change WKWebView (recommended) to UIWebView (legacy support).