Track an individual click button in a report

I have been asked if it is possible to add 2 buttons at the end of a course where the user can click on a button to Agree and another where they click they do not agree. (Not sure of the context or purpose for that at the moment).

They want to be able to track and report on those that clicked on Do Not agree, as clicking on the Agree will simply complete them.

Any suggestions on recommendations?


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Darren McNeill

Yes, but as I mentioned we do not use quizzes in courses. Tests are external and we use the LMS test engines as it is more reliable. We have over 200k employees in over 1000 offices around the world with mixed internet quality. We found that many users have completed courses based on quiz results and their transcript remains at in progress or incomplete. We found that this was due to mostly the SCORM communicate to the servers was being interrupted or not getting through for many different reasons Quizzes are used in courses where necessary but not as a completion criteria but only as knowledge reinforcement. This fixed the issue. Clicking on Do Not Agree would not be a reason not to complete the course, it would purely be used as almost like a Poll information capture.

Brian Allen

This is the process I've successfully used to pass this type of custom variable data to the LMS when I need to record items such as "Do Not Agree".

If you read through the process, you'll see it requires using a result slide, which is why Walt refers to using a Quiz to accomplish this.

Not sure if this will fit your needs, but it does work well if so.