Track using quiz result:

The tutorial for track using quiz result is as follows:

Track using quiz result: Use this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, you'll need to pick just one result slide to use for tracking. (This option is grayed out if your course doesn't have any result slides.)

I do have multiple quizzes in my course (not all users will take the 2nd quiz), how do I ensure that they get credit for the course if they only did 1 quiz since we are only supposed to select one.

Thank you.

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Christie Pollick

Hi Joey -- Thanks so reaching out and my apologies if I am not clear on what you need, but as you mentioned multiple quizzes within the course, have you had a chance to review this info on How to Track Multiple SCOs in the Same Course?

If that is not what you have in mind, please let us know and we'll see what more we can do! :)

Judy Nollet

Glad I saw your answer, Leslie. I didn't realize you could track results of results. 

Joey: Another option for your case is to steer the learners to a final "quiz" question only after they pass the real quiz(zes).  This faux question only needs one option -- the correct one. Then track their results on that. It doesn't allow you to get their score on an actual quiz, but if you just need to ensure they passed what was required, this option works. 

Joey Keopraseuth

Hi Leslie!

I have 2 sets of assessment questions and per your suggestion, I created a 3rd results slide that should be used to track in the LMS to show that they have successful passed one of the assessments. When I loaded it into our LMS (Stage environment), I attempted to pass the assessment both ways and it only tracked it as a complete for one of the assessments.

Does that bring more clarity?

Thank you.

Leslie McKerchie

That is where your special request gets a bit difficult Joey. 

Assuming a user was only taking one quiz, you could set the pass mark at 50% so that as long as they passed one they'd be good to go. However, since you have some that are taking both, now 50% may seem unreasonable. I do know that we've had other users with a similar case, so hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist.

I do believe that is why Judy suggested to track by a particular slide. This way you can control the navigation via feedback/branching as needed and just be sure that the user reaches the end of the training/quiz.

Chris Dominguez

Sorry, i'm not sure if i am in the correct thread here. But i would like to ask if there is a possibility to get a result from another published file:


Main_File : only has 2 slides

- 1st slide will have buttons to jump to url (another published story file)

-2nd slide is the result slide (this will capture the result of another published file quiz result)

Quiz_File: this is another published story file

- this is where the real quiz will be sitting and it will also have a result slide in the end


What i am trying to achieve: I would like to get the result of the Quiz_File to be pushed to the result slide of the Main_File


Is this something possible or i am in a different galaxy now? =)

***See, i am somehow working with LMS and i only have the published files not the .Story file for some e-learning courses we have. basically we have 2 types of user and we are trying to have either english or arabic published files to load based on the users choice. i was able to make a workaround how to load it in the LMS but my issue now is it is not recording the result whether the user passed or failed the quiz in a loaded "Jump to URL" file.