Track using Quiz Results Grayed Out - Cannot add Results slide

Feb 18, 2019

I have searched everywhere and cannot find a recent discussion or solution for this issue. In Presenter I could create a briefing and add a quiz question at the end as an acknowledgement so that when the use clicked "Yes" I read and understood everything, they got completion credit in the LMS. In SL3 I cannot do this, which is totally unacceptable because now I read that the only way to do this is in 360 which we do not yet have. I am a little upset as this is something we use frequently and with the lack of support for Presenter 13 going forward I am now losing this capability.

Can someone please advise as to a way to get this done in SL3? I am working on a time sensitive project and have already wasted days on one simple quiz that should work. Why would Articulate take away this option?

I am using SL3 with the latest update, and am on Windows 10


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