Tracking Articulate Course without access to LMS

We have some courses that have to be completed before they may have access to the LMS system or may not have the right technology to take them. In the past, we have been printing courses and/or making pdfs and manually tracking employees names via excel spreadsheet. Does anyone have a solution that wouldn't involve printing paper and manual tracking? 

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Saurabh Chauhan

You can use a separate and simple content management system built-on WordPress. It will allow uploading and adding content on webpages to let users attempt it. You can track content using xAPI and SCORM reporting standards.

Check this demo Storyline content added on a WordPress page:

Demo login details:

User: demo
Pass: demo

You can track users activity reports in an LRS. It's login details are available on the page above.

This demo site is using the same uploading and tracking method mentioned in this article:

You can ask users to enter their name and email before letting them attempt the content and you will get awesome and personalized attempt reporting including. 

Now when your users will attempt you will get digital reports. You can redirect them wherever you like.