Tracking by using number of slides viewed

Aug 06, 2012

Hi there!

I want to make sure that a student saw all slides of my course. So I go to publish --> LMS --> Tracking  and choose "Track using number of slides viewed" and the minimum number 5 of 24 slides. I do the same setting for Reporting and tracking. When I add the course in Moodle it does not track the progress of the student. What do I wrong? When I put a quiz into the course I can track by using the quiz result..

(The minimum number of viewed slides "5 of 24" was just to test. Actually I want to use "24 of 24" but this does not work either..)

I would like to track not just 0% and 100% but the current progress the student has (25%, 60%,..).

Thank you very much in advance!


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shiras ki

Hi Team

I am Also Facing This issue

I have 10 Slide My student Watch 3 Slide then I want Show My Moodle 30% Completed But Now Only 10 Slide view then Showing 100% Completed That is ok But how to setup slide wise % Tracking

I am also setup in learning object But Not Working Only student complete a;ll slide then only showing correct percentage  i want track each slide percentage


Thanks for Advance

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