Tracking by using number of slides viewed

Hi there!

I want to make sure that a student saw all slides of my course. So I go to publish --> LMS --> Tracking  and choose "Track using number of slides viewed" and the minimum number 5 of 24 slides. I do the same setting for Reporting and tracking. When I add the course in Moodle it does not track the progress of the student. What do I wrong? When I put a quiz into the course I can track by using the quiz result..

(The minimum number of viewed slides "5 of 24" was just to test. Actually I want to use "24 of 24" but this does not work either..)

I would like to track not just 0% and 100% but the current progress the student has (25%, 60%,..).

Thank you very much in advance!


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shiras ki

Hi Team

I am Also Facing This issue

I have 10 Slide My student Watch 3 Slide then I want Show My Moodle 30% Completed But Now Only 10 Slide view then Showing 100% Completed That is ok But how to setup slide wise % Tracking

I am also setup in learning object But Not Working Only student complete a;ll slide then only showing correct percentage  i want track each slide percentage


Thanks for Advance

Lauren Connelly

Hi Shiras!

Have you tried configuring your tracking settings to track progress by the number of slides viewed?

Here's more detail on customizing this setting in Storyline 360.

As Phil mentioned, if you're still seeing this error then it is an adjustment that needs to be made in Moodle. Please keep us updated!