Tracking completion in a branched scenario course

Hi awesome Articulate community.  I need your help.

I have a course that contains branched scenarios.  The learner can complete the course without touching every screen, which is fine but leads to the problem -- How do I track their completion?

From my understanding, I need to either set the tracking to 1) Number of slides viewed, or 2) Track using Quiz results.  

My issue -- when I set it to the lowest # of slides, people can earn a completion too early.

When I set it to Track using Quiz, it doesn't mark as complete. I have a quiz within the course where the learner must try again until they get each question correct (earning 100%).  My LMS is terrible, so I need to make this dummy-proof.

My wish:  That I could set Variable that is triggered on the last slide that says all slides were viewed (= completion). 

Thank you!

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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Julie,

What I have understood from your post above is; the learners must earn 100% to pass the quiz. If this is true, then the result slide of this quiz is one of the best options to use for LMS Tracking and Reporting. Is it possible for you to share the reasons for not using this quiz result for tracking? I might have some other solutions, however in this scenario, the quiz result seems the best one.