Tracking completion of branched modules

Greetings all!

If my module has a branched scenario and the learner has the choice of two separate paths to take, what are my options for sending a "completed" value to the LMS?

In the publish settings I understand the min. # of slides viewed, but that doesn't work for a branched scenario where the learner has the choice of what path to take.

Is my only option to send this "completed" value, to place a quiz on a slide after the branched paths and have the users respond to the quiz?

If yes, can the quiz be reduced to a simple button that they click (say "click here to acknowledge completion of this course")?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Brett Payne

Hi Peter! Thank you for the reply.

I will actually be using Storyline to achieve this, but I get the gist of what you are telling me. I have been doing a bit of experimentation thus far. I'm playing with the idea (for the sake of example) of having 2 branches and 2 quiz pages (cleverly disguised as acknowledgements) at the end of each branch.Each quiz is worth 50%.

After the "branch" quizzes, the learners will continue on in the module and come back to a common path where I will have another cleverly disguised quiz/acknowledgment (also worth 50%). The idea is to use a cumulative quiz score counting one of  either of the 2 "branch" quizzes plus the final quiz on the common path to generate a total passing score of 100% which then allow the push of the "completed" value.

What I'm working on next is figuring out a more subtle or seamless way for this to happen (from the learners perspective). Like using a quiz results slide hidden as a regular content slide with an on 'enter slide' type of a trigger which sends the value just by having the learner land on the slide.

I'll let you know how it goes. By all means if you have any further thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!

Brett Payne

Hi Adity,

In fact yes. Very quickly, our solution took a bit of a different turn, however the end result seems to be what we're looking for. At the end of the branching module we return learners to a common path. We inserted a Graded T/F question slide followed by a results slide. The T/F question only contains one answer option (it is indicated as the correct answer). We placed the following slide level trigger on the graded T/F question slide  "on enter slide change state of T/F question to selected". We removed the default Quiz Submit button and toggled the PREV and NEXT buttons on that slide. We did this so that from a learners perspective the slide appears as a regular slide and not as a Quiz slide. We set a player trigger on the Next button to "Submit interaction when user clicks next". After clicking next the learner lands on the results slide. The results slide has a slide level trigger set to "On enter slide submit results" (of the aforementioned quiz).

In our publishing settings we are tracking by quiz results. The quiz that triggers the "completion" value is the T/F question we created on the second last slide. I'll see if I can upload a sample file to help my awkward explanation shorlty.