Tracking completion on a branching scenario

Hi there,

I have a scenario that has various branches but only one correct path. The learner could go directly that way or go down whichever branch they want. All paths do eventually lead to the correct one so the final slide on this path will be the trigger for reporting completion. I understand that I have to make a fake quiz question so that the completion will be recorded. Once here I want the learner to be able to go back and explore the other paths if they want. The issue is that if they go back and explore, then decide to close the program before coming back to the fake quiz slide, their completion status changes can I  solve this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lianne,

Once the user reaches the completion slide, we'll send that to the LMS. So it won't be reset from Storyline, but the LMS may be waiting for an additional element such as the user closing the course to fully update the completion status. You could check with your LMS admin to see if there is anything else - and you could also look at enabling LMS debug mode to see the data we're passing to your LMS, and you could compare that to testing the course at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS testing. 

Lianne Zitzelsberger

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply. When you say 'completion' slide you mean the
Results slide right?

Basically I want the then learner to be able to either:
a) exit the program
b) start again and explore other branches

Since they are on the Results slide and therefore it is recorded as
'completed', would you recommend that they be able to 'exit' here and have
a "Return to the Beginning' button so they can start again if they want.
The status would stay as 'completed' if they went back to the beginning?

Thank you so much,


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lianne - Yes, they could exit on the results slide. The branching and keeping the status as completed would be dependent on the LMS is what Ashley was referring to. So, you'd want to test this as shared above. If you utilize the built-in 'review' option to jump back, the course should retain tracking as expected. You could just change the text if needed.

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