Tracking completion time of a Storyline SCORM module in Canvas LMS

Has anyone tried to capture how long it takes to complete a Storyline tutorial in Canvas (or any LMS)?

We are trying to figure out how to measure time to complete a course, which may include reading HTML pages or pdf handouts (word count), watching videos (time), and interacting in a Storyline module (SCORM embedded).

Word count and time is easy, but a person may not read at the same rate when interacting in a Storyline module.

Other than timing a learner with a stopwatch is there scientific way to measure completion time in Storyline? 

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Hi Kevin,

We use Moodle and Totara, and both have reporting functions that allows us to see the time a learner started the course, and the time when they finished it. Using that data, we can deduce the time taken to complete the course. This data however is skewed, as sometimes learners will walk off halfway through and make a coffee, or take a phone call, or answer emails. So its not always accurate.

We advise learners upfront in the LMS how long it will take to complete a course, and that time has been calculated by us sitting down and using a stopwatch to recrod how long it took for one of our staff who has no experience with the course, to complete. 

I dont know of a more scientific or formal way to do it, but that works for us and then we know we are providing an accurate time. :)