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Greg Faust

Yes. Click Publish. On the menu that comes up, there's a Title field. Next to that is a button with an ellipsis (...). Click that button. On the menu that comes up, and approximate duration is one of the things listed.

I have no idea why the developers thought to bury this information in that particular spot, but there it is.

Also, I'm not sure how that number is calculated. It might just be the simple sum of timeline lengths. Bottom line: if your learners take any amount of time reviewing slide material (including stopping to think about their responses to quiz questions), you'll find people taking longer than the duration listed.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Jay: Are you using Studio 13 or Storyline?

In Studio you have a total and elapsed time option on the "features" tab of the course player. No such feature in the Storyline player, however.

Of course the total time of the slides will be shorter than it takes a learner to actually take it. If you want true total times, I'd suggest having ten or so learners take the actual test and average the amount of time it took them. Best of luck. --Daniel