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I am currently in the process of creating a course for my client. However, I am facing a small issue with the tracking of the course when it is uploaded in the LMS. I have created two separate slides in the course. (1) A 'how to navigate the course' slide and (2) a Learning Journal slide in which the learners can jot down notes. I have created these slides in a new scene and have linked them as lightbox slides to tabs which appear on the top of the course. These are the tabs you can create in the player section.

The issue I am facing is that I have given the tracking of the course as per the number of slides and unless the learner clicks on these two slides, the course will shown an incomplete status. Is there any way in which I can remove these two particular slides from the tracking?

Also, I have created several interactive slides with links to layers. Is it necessary that the user has to click on each interaction and visit each layer for a page to be tracked. If he visits the page and advances to the next slide without clicking any interactions and seeing the different layers of the slide, is that page still marked as complete?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Vineetha,

A slide is considered complete or visited once the slide has been accesssed. The user does not need to view any layers or click on elements on the slide to be considered complete. If you're tracking by slides viewed and included the total number of slides available, those two non-mandatory slides would be included as well so you would need to adjust the overall slide tracking number and subtract 2. Granted, this does mean that if they view those two slides and skip two other slides the user will be marked complete. 

You may want instead to look at a method such as this one where you can send completion based on visiting a particular slide.