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Aug 19, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I need some help with Moodle/LMS/SCORM. I've published our course for LMS on Storyline. We use Moodle, so we've uploaded it to there but cannot retrieve any data regarding how many slides the student viewed, how long it took him, etc. I've done a number of searches in the Forums and Community Blogs/Tutorials, etc. but can't get any useful links. Any advice/insight into the problem ASAP would be much appreciated.

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Stephan Sinka

Not a simple answer, sorry.

You need to allow "Activity Completion Tracking" first in Moodle itself (in the Settings menu: > Site administration > Advanced settings > Completion tracking (check enabled).) and then you can adjust the course. The option for setting the specific parameters of activity completion for the SCORM package ( your course) are visible at the bottom of the page where you uploaded the course ( they are only seen if Moodle has been enabled for activity completion tracking.) Instructions can be found for your specific version of Moodle at Moodle Docs

Jessie Pincus

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your answer. I've sent on the details to the person in the company who loads our courses via Moodle. He's checking it over the next day or so. If we follow your instructions here then we'll know where the student stands and what he answered for each question, right?

Many thanks,


Phil Mayor

If you are viewing by slides viewed. You need to upload for Learning objects. In the grade book you need to set a pass score of 1.

Moodle will report the following scores

- Not viewed

0 - Viewed but not completed

1 - Completed (viewed the correct number of slides.

Moodle will not report a % completion for Slide viewed or let you know how many slides have been viewed.

Unfortunately Stephen's solution will only enable activity completion n noodle and not fix tracking issues.

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