Tracking from 2 Results Slides

Oct 03, 2018

I created a training that is divided into 4 sections with 3 questions that begin the section. If the learners answer the 3 questions correctly, they proceed to the next section. If they answer any incorrectly, they are directed to a short remediation training.  This is accomplished by a results slide at the end of each section. 

Once they have completed all 4 sections, those learners that missed questions and took the remediation trainings are required to take a Mastery Test at the end to assess the effectiveness of the remediation.  There is a results slide at the end of the test that reports back to the LMS.

However, my business partner wants to capture the passing score of those learners who answered all questions correctly at the beginning of each section.  I created a results slide and placed it at the beginning of the Mastery Test scene which captured the score from the questions in each section.  If the learner received 100%, the Success layer directs them to exit the course.  However, if they did not receive 100%, then they must complete the Mastery Test and the Fail layer advances them to the next slide to begin the test.  Again, the score is captured using another results slide from the Mastery Test questions.

I need a way to report to the LMS if they pass initially by getting 100% from the beginning of the course OR if they get 100% by taking the Mastery Test.  I can't find a way for Storyline to use 2 different results slides.

I would appreciate any and all ideas.

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