Tracking how many slides were visited

Feb 13, 2014

I'm a variable noob...

a thread for this might exist already, but since I'm not sure what the right terminology is, I wouldn't know what to look for.

I've been dragged into a project to do in SL. There are about 75-80 slides and a user can either go liner slide by slide or jump around using the player menu.

Once a user has visited all 75-80 slides, the project lead would like to have a new slide become visible. Is this possible.. is it easy?

Can anyone help me through this? I be very greatful

mucho thanks!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave, 

Easy...that depends.

You'll need to set this up on each slide, especially since the course may not be progressed through in a linear fashion. I would do a numeric variable, that on each slide is adjusted by adding 1. I'd then set up slide 81 with a layer that is shown based on the Timeline starting that reminds the user they need to visit all slides and covers the base layer(directions on how to navigate) and a condition to hide that layer when the variable is equal to 80.  

There may be easier methods or other ways you'd want to design it - but that's my first thought! 

Bob Wiker

Unless you gain access to the system variable that I presume Storyline has/uses for tracking number of slides viewed (which is then used by Storyline to determine slide-count 'completion'), I suspect you'd have to do it yourself in a page-by-page way. Though it is cumbersome and labor-intensive, being able to copy-paste-paste-paste-paste a Trigger makes it a little bit easier/faster than it sounds.

1. Set up a variable named something like TotalPagesViewed.

2. On each of the 80 slides, where you've already done the tedious work of setting up a 'PageXXviewed' variable and trigger, just add this Trigger:  (see screenshot below)

"Add 1 to TotalPagesViewed, When the Timeline starts, if PageXXViewed is equal to False"

You must make sure to place this Trigger ahead of the "Set PageXXViewed equal to True when the timeline starts" Trigger.

3. Copy-and-paste this Trigger to each slide, editing the PageXXViewed condition each time (that's the tedious part).

Once that's set up across all your pages you can use your TotalPagesViewed variable wherever/whenever/however you want.

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