Tracking in LMS not working properly...

Our client has uploaded a course with 8 different modules on their LMS. 6 of the modules work perfectly. If you close the module and reopen it, Storyline prompts you to resume, and it takes you to the correct slide you left off at. 

However, two modules do not do this. One module is very long, 172 slides total. The module is tracked by slide completion of about 75% of the slides viewed, Complete/Incomplete. Tracking seems to work at first. When you close out of the module, and relaunch it, the prompt to resume where you left off appears. However, it takes you to the wrong slide. Say there are 9 sections in this module, and I completed 8 sections in one sitting. I leave, come back, but it forgets that I completed those 8 sections and only takes me to section 4. It's almost as if the file stops communicating to the LMS at some point and stops recording and tracking the user. This is bad since it doesn't send a completion status and it also can confuse the learner.

The second module that messes up is a Final Exam module, and it has 40 questions, and it's marked complete by a 70% passing score. For some reason, if I complete and pass the test, it only sometimes sends a completion status, but when closed and relaunch to review my answers, it takes me to the middle of the test, like it stop tracking me halfway through. 

There is no specific slide where the tracking stops. I've tested it extensively and it seems to be a time out or communication issue where the tracking just stops. Which is weird, because the 6 other modules do not experience this AT ALL... I tested it on IE9, and then also Chrome, both with the same result. 

Are there any suggestions or fixes to this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janine,

First, I'd recommend reviewing this article on troubleshooting common LMS issues. It sounds like it may be having some difficulty with the amount of Resume data and could have reached the SCORM limit, and there is also this article on other issues with why the course is not resuming.