Tracking in LMS % partial user progress

Feb 20, 2014


We've published a course without quiz in Storyline with this reporting and tracking options:


LMS Reporting: Completed/Incompleted

Tracking: Track using number of slides viewed

Minimum number of slides viewed to complete: 205 (the total number of slides)

Our client has told us that their platform does not register the% partial user progress.

Is this possible with the reporting and tracking options we have in Storyline?

Thanks for your help!

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Simon Perkins

You can do this using a JavaScript trigger on slides where you want to send a particular score (as a representation of course progress).

Have attached a demo that includes 3 slides, each of which has a trigger that sends a different score to the LMS.  Just look at the script associated with each trigger to see how it works, i.e. how to change the score and how to change the completion status.

Simon Perkins

If you're going to use this kind of method on a 200+ slide course then that's a lot of triggers to add (and revise if you end up changing content/sequence).

What is the client looking to achieve by tracking progress by slide?  If you're breaking your content down into chapters/topics then you could add the above triggers to the first or last slides in each chapter/topic and maybe at other key intervals ... 

Simon Perkins

Technically it should work, but like I said, it could involve you creating a lot of triggers.  It might be worth you testing my demo in your LMS first and seeing how accurate the reporting is.  If necessary, try it in different browsers etc to see if any issues occur as a result of the JavaScript.  Other than that, good luck!

Irene Bergaretxe

Hi Simon,

I tested on the platform the example you sent me, and the problem is that it records a score by slide, but not the% of progress made ​​by the user when he has left the course.

I've done one change in your example, I inserted the trigger as a Slide trigger, and execute the javascript when the timeline ends.

I send you attached a screen capture of the report for the Scorm Progress in the LMS when I left the course in the second slide. As you can see the progress is 100% and the qualificarion 85 points.

What we need is that when a user exit from the course without finishing it, the platform indicates the% of the course the user has made
until that moment.


Irene Bergaretxe

Every slide has its own JS trigger with differents percentage values. I uploaded to the platform the example you sent me to see the result:

- lmsAPI.SetScore(70, 100, 0)

- lmsAPI.SetScore(85, 100, 0)
- lmsAPI.SetScore(100, 100, 0)

But the problem is that the LMS does not show the percentage, shows a score (85) when I left the course in second slide that has the JS trigger: lmsAPI.SetScore(85, 100, 0), as you can see in the jpg that I sent attached.

My doubt is, which value in "lmsAPI.SetScore(70, 100, 0)" is the percentage?, the first one (70) or the second one? (100)

Or, is necessary a different function for the LMS to show the percentage?


Ankit Garg

Hi Simon,

I know its too late to ask this question...but i really need help on this.

I did the same as you explained above, it works as you said but i am facing 1 issue....suppose a student visited slide No. 3 then LMS show a score of 30, which is fine....but if he again visit the slide number 2...then score again come back to 20...

I want to record the highest slide number he visited.

Please help. 

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