Tracking incorrect answers in Storyline 360 as an administrator

Jul 07, 2017

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me out with this one.

I've built a workplace training course with quizzing that I will be uploading to our LMS as a SCORM course.

The plan is to set the pass percentage to 80% but as administrators, we would like to be able to view any questions that the user failed.

I've already checked with our LMS provider if this can be tracked via reporting but unfortunately, this cannot be done for SCORM courses.

Is anyone aware of any solutions/work arounds for this?

Thanks in advance!

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Louise Lindop

Hi Hazel,

Which LMS are you using?

Most LMSs should have a SCORM Interactions report that will give you the details of exactly what the user selected for each question, but if the LMS doesn't have this type of report you may be out of luck.

The only other way would be to set triggers that send a value to a variable when the user gets a question wrong, then that is then sent to the LMS but if your LMS doesn't have the SCORM transactions report you probably wouldn't be able to get this info out either.

You may be out of luck with this one.


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