Tracking Issue: "Course Completion" doesn't show after Storyline 1 project is updated in Storyline 2

Anyone has the same issue with a solution?

I am new to an agency and handed over this malfunction project. I have the settings as follows:

- LMS: SCORM 1.2

- Tracking: Track using Number of Slides Viewed

- Report status to LMS: Completed/Incomplete (was Passed/Incomplete. It did not work, so I changed it)

We use SuccessFactor LMS system. Thanks.


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Li Li

I owe you a overdue thank you, Alyssa and Leslie.

I was able to resolve the issue finally by changing the number of slides to view because the lightbox is counted as a slide. If the user did not view that one, the completion does not show.

I hope this will help those who need it in future.

Thanks again, Alyssa and Leslie!