Tracking Issue In Published Storyline 2

Mar 27, 2015

When I publish and test a module in SCORM Cloud where the tracking is set to by number of slides viewed the module PASSES.

When I publish to track by quiz results slide the module FAILS.

Any ideas on why this might be happening?

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Jennifer Lofton

I think I figured out the issue, but I don't know why it happens.

I have 1 True/False slide that student must answer to complete the module, so I have a result slide.

When I publish the module, If I set the reporting to either of the "Completed" options the module FAILS in the SCORM Cloud Test Engine, HOWEVER,

If I set the reporting option to either of the "Passed" options, the module PASSES in the SCORM Cloud Test Engine.

Why can't I have a completion status of "Completed" based on the test score?

Joshua Caluza

Hello, I believe my issue may be somewhat related, so I'll chime in here:

We recently upgraded to Storyline 2 and have also noticed some issues with tracking. All our courses are set to track completion based on a final result slide, and the score is being relayed to our LMS (SumTotal) correctly, though the completion status always comes back as "Incomplete".

(For example: A course is set to be completed if the learner passes the final quiz with 80% or greater. Even if the learner passed the quiz with a 100%, the LMS would see the score as 100, but still does not track the course as "Completed".)

Interestingly enough in our troubleshooting, we discovered that if the learner re-launched the course (after going through it once) and closed it immediately after it loaded, it would report back to the LMS as 100% and complete.

Seeing that this wasn't happening before, we tried republishing the archived version with Storyline 1, and the course reported back perfectly. That being said, it's my suspicion that there's a bug in Storyline 2 that needs to be addressed.

I can't seem to find one definitive solution for this problem, so hopefully documenting my issue here will help find the answer. In the meantime, I'm crossing my fingers that we can get all this resolved because my training needs to go out soon! (#trainerproblems).

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreicated!

I just tried testing the course published with Storyline 2 to SCORM Cloud for testing purposes, and completion is tracking fine, so it may be an issue unique to Storyline 2 and SumTotal. Any additonal information or assistance is still needed :)