Tracking issues on resumed courses

I need to be able to allow users to return and retake some compliance training that they have already completed, but I'm having an issue with tracking the second instance of training in our LMS and SCORM cloud. I don't expect to see a record of both instances, just be certain the instance that is recorded, was for the full course.

If I set the course to Never Resume in the system settings, when the learner returns to the course, the status, in the LMS, remains at complete and I'm unable to confirm the learner has re-taken the training.

If I select prompt to resume, in the course settings, the learner can choose resume from the beginning. In this instance, the LMS resets to incomplete, as I would expect and I can see the new date of training. However, they could have selected resume, which means they return to the last slide of the course, click exit and it looks like they have completed the course! So I can't use this option.

I've also tried using some Javascript to check the date the course was started against the date the course was completed, and if this is different use a use a conditional trigger on the exit button to restart the course. However, the status in the LMS remains complete.

Can anybody suggest a solution, please?

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