Tracking learner's completion status and submit score to LMS with multiple quizzes in course

Hello Storyline Gurus!

We designed a single course for 4 departments. A learner selects a department he related to and go through the pages under that particular department. Then attempts a final quiz. In this way we have inserted 4 final quiz result slides in the course. Obviously, we cannot track the learner's completed status by final quiz as we cannot predict which final quiz the learner attempts and Storyline can track the result from only one result slide.

Sending the learner's score to LMS is crucial part here. We inserted 5th result slide at the end and tried to call variables from which final quiz the learner attempts to 5th result slide but we did not get success in it. Can anyone let us know where we are doing wrong?

Any alternative solution or better idea would be greatly appreciated!

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