Tracking multiple attempts of one content

Hey Heros,

I am completely new in developing E-Learnings. The possibilities with SCORM compability seem to be unlimited, but there are many things I do not understand yet.

How to track muliple attemps of one course or content properly?

I am using scorm cloud. I like the possibilities of getting an average score for a course. But it is only working by default setting for one run per user - for me. The LMS tells me for example: this course was started by 7 users, 2 completed it and all 7 users have a average score of 20%.

But I want my users to start the content several times. In best case I want to create new registrations automatically if a user runs through the whole course and wants to start it again. Is this possible? 
To get the feedback: this course was started 20 times (by 7 users), 15 times it was completed, average score 20%. 

Or is there any command I can set in articulate to let the LMS now. The course is completed now, please track usage data of this user completely seperate if the user wants to run through this content again?

By now the LMS (SCORM cloud) resets the score for second run, but still thinks this is the same run through. That's not good. But I am not sure if and how it is possible to prepare a content for several runs - or a long time training.

Can you please help me?

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