Tracking Multiple Users on the same course without exit

Hi all,

I have a strange issue that I'm not even sure if there is a solution. So we are using an iPad for an event to track multiple people coming along and doing a quick survey, but it's an animated and fun survey so we did it using Storyline. The only issue we have is that when a user clicks "Exit" it leaves the course and goes back to the LMS page to where it was launched. We would prefer the course to just reset and to log the results without leaving so that we not not manually starting the course every single time a user completes it. 

If we reset the results, we lose the tracking of the previous user, but if we don't reset the results, all the previous users answers are all marked in. There is a gap in knowledge here between resetting the results but not losing the previously tracked results. 

This is a complicated issue and I would assume we would need javascript coded into the Exit button, or an altering of the Goodbye.html file when you publish a course. 

FYI, we are using Articulate Online to track these results.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Ros!  I picture a booth environment where people are using the iPad to take your survey.  Are you having people fill out the guestbook at all to distinguish different survey entries?

This idea might be a bit simplified, but can you have multiple tabs opened and ready to go for the survey?  When a participant completes the survey and exits the course, you can move on to the next tab with a fresh instance of the survey.

Curious to see what other outside-the-box recommendations community folks can make!