Tracking of Complete/Incomplete

May 12, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I am developing a course which consists of 10 slides out of which 8 are videos and 2 CYU's in between. Once all the videos Timeline ends and the CYU are attempted, should get the status as "Completed".

I should not get "Completed" just by clicking all the video slides and attempting the CYUs. 

Hope I am clear. Your help is appreciated. Thanks

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Moses,

You can force users to view the entire timeline of each slide by restricting the navigation. This is done under the Menu Options in the Player: 

Here's how restricted Navigation works: 

  • Storyline puts the Next button in the Disabled state when the user first gets to a slide.
  • Storyline changes Next to the Normal state when the slide’s timeline ends. Simply adjust the timeline to adjust when Next will be enabled.
  • Next remains in the Normal state when the user revisits a completed slide.
  • This works even if you don’t show the built-in Menu.
  • If you do show the built-in Menu, users will be able to click the Menu to jump to any previously viewed slide. But they won’t be able to click the Menu to advance to a new slide.

In addition to that, I suggest you track the course via a Completion trigger. Have that execute when the the timeline completes on the last slide. 


Judy Nollet

Hi again,

 Restricted navigation will always restrict the Menu. If it didn't, the user would be able to bypass a disabled Next button by clicking the Menu.

  • If you look at the Menu Options, there is a checkbox that allows you to not restrict the Next/Previous buttons yet keep the Menu restricted. That would prevent users from jumping to the end of a course. But they could still click through it quickly without viewing the full timelines. 

So if you want to force them to view the entire videos, Restricted navigation is the easiest way to do that.